Joannusmolen as a partner

Working together for a slightly better world is an important core value of Joannusmolen. We do this together with our suppliers, whom we actually prefer to call partners.

Our partners help us grow and we help them too. This can even lead to us developing new products or packaging together.

Partnership with Joannusmolen means that you work together with a reliable and sustainable organization, where quality and food safety are paramount. We set the same high standards for ourselves as for our partners.


Joannusmolen strives for long-term cooperation with suppliers. Most of the suppliers have been working for more than 5 years.


Approximately 90% of the raw materials are sourced within Europe. This reduces emissions from transport.


Joannusmolen products are strictly checked for quality. We do not compromise on quality. The requirements of, among other things, the Organic quality mark, BRC, internal quality regulations, legislation and the customer play an important role in our collaborations.

Working together with Joannusmolen

Joannusmolen is always looking for new partners. The process of establishing a new partnership consists of three stages:

Phase 1: first contact

The establishment of a collaboration always starts with a first contact. If you want to work with Joannusmolen, we ask you to send an e-mail to in which you indicate in which area you want to work with us, what your organization stands for and why you think a collaboration is beneficial for both of us. organizations would be interesting. Would you also like to send a company presentation in the attachment?

Phase 2: check & test

If a collaboration is potentially interesting, we will explore together what the collaboration could look like. We also check whether all quality requirements can be met.

Phase 3: welcome aboard

When we have decided to work together, we welcome you on board. Operational agreements and communication are part of this process. We like the so-called short lines.